Ammo the Dachshund Collar Review and Giveaway April 19 2015

At K9 Couture Co, we love animals (duh!), and we read a lot of animal blogs. One of our favorites is Ammo the Dachshund. He is absolutely adorable, and is a jack of all trades. He is a therapy dog, an artist who paints with ponies (Painting Pony), has been featured on Animal Planet’s America’s Cutest Dogs, is the official store greeter at his owners custom frame shop, and has his own shop featuring greeting cards and prints of himself. We reached out as admirers and fans and sent him a couple of collars to try on and wear, and he did an awesome review for the store here. The giveaway was a success, and we are so happy Ammo loved his K9 Couture Collars. Congratulations to Kelley M. and Ashley C.! We can't wait to see some pictures of your K9's in their new K9 Couture!