24 Adorable Animals Who Will Nurse You Back To Health In No Time March 08 2015

I was looking on one of my favorite random websites today, ViralNova, and ran across this article, which I thought was fitting for the season and the fact that I have a lot of friends with colds right now. Maybe all they need is just a good snuggle from their furbabies! I have known for a long time that animals relieve stress, so it only seems right that they make the best nurses when you're sick, and it appears I'm not the only one that thinks that~

Cuddling Is The Best Cure For The Common Cold, According To These Animal Nurses

MARCH 4, 2015  ———  By Jessica Catcher 

Animals always seem to know when we're feeling under the weather. Some pets, like Cissy the Schnauzer, will go to whatever lengths necessary to comfort their owners. Several hospitals across the country also offer animal therapy to their patients, knowing their fuzzy friendship provides the biggest smiles to those in need.

From a small cold to a more crippling ailment, they stay right by your side to provide cuddles and cuteness. It's hard to feel the aches and pains with their sweet, concerned faces staring back at you.

He prescribed a day of cartoons for this little guy.

This puppy pack is just as important as the ice packs.

This nurse recommends a daily dose of adorable.

Her purrs are sending healing vibes to the ankle.

"Let me know if you want more ice chips."

It's like having an IV of cuteness.

"I really don't like the sound of that cough."

They're making sure she gets all the rest she needs.

He's guarding her from any germs that try to come in.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat this: you look gross."

"That looks like enough chicken soup for the both of us."

This nurse has the best bedside manner.

"Hm, your pulse is a little weaker than I'd like."

They're keeping her warm with their snuggles.

The divide-and-conquer system can be very effective, too.

Anyone who wants to see the patient has to go through her first.

He's still there for her...even if he's unconscious.

He's making all his silly faces because he heard laughter was the best medicine.

"Your hands do feel a little clammy to me."

"Can I get you some catnip? That usually perks me right up."

He didn't think the blanket looked warm enough for him.

He really gets into his role as caretaker.

"Take your time resting, we'll just wait here."

The doctor brought in his colleague for a consultation.

Of course, we also recommend plenty of fluids and rest, but you just can't beat the healing power of extreme cuteness.