We have a crush on Design Crush October 26 2014

My business partner and I are obsessed with design, art, and animals, that is why we started K9 Couture Collars. We have been fans of a blog called Design Crush for quite some time, and love the features and posts that spotlight a myriad of things from one off bespoke items, art exhibitions, travel, design trends, web design, holidays, etc..Each entry in the blog is a tiny chunk of design inspiration, and as owner Kelly Beall puts it, "

I keep every post short and sweet, showing off anything and everything I’m inspired by. Never anything I’m not." Kelly recently did a shout out to K9 Couture on her blog, so we thought we would repay the kindness (even though we don't have anywhere close to the following she does)! If you haven't heard of Design Crush, go by and check it out, you won't regret it, and who knows, maybe it will inspire you to design or create something new.