As Featured on Pretty Fluffy February 21 2016

Below is from an article on Pretty Fluffy showcasing K9 Couture Co.

We’ve rounded up some of this season’s cutest Dog Collars your pooch will be sure to love! From geometric patterns, to handmade treasures, gold accents and more these collars bring the style with a capital S.

Remember, when picking your dog’s collar always look for sturdy hardware, comfortable fabric that fits snugly to your dog’s nape and a design that suits your pooch’s lifestyle. For more information head to Collars 101: our full guide on How to Choose a Dog Collar.

#3, #5, #6 and #7 belong to us on the Top 7 list. We are pretty proud of this and encourage everyone to check out our new styles and patterns in our New Arrival Collection and check out Pretty Fluffy as well.